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Duff denies rumors about Lohan rivalry

Lizzie McGuire star Hilary Duff denies reports that she and controversial Hollywood bad girl Lindsay Lohan are not getting along pretty well with each other insisting that the feud spawned during their early teen years in the showbiz industry.

The 21-year old singer/actress had a standing issue with Lohan that began when she was accused of having to steal Lohan’s then boyfriend pop star Aaron Carter in 2002. Duff responded back by saying that the two had moved on since that issue and she mentions that back then they were like both 13-years old and has never stolen any other’s boyfriend in her entire life.

It was said that Lohan kept on bringing up the topic while Duff remained quiet ever since and all that gossiping had made them look bad and brought about a certain weirdness to their strained relationship. But Duff reiterated that she and Lohan are doing fine now.


Fashion Line in the works for Duff sisters

Famous Hollywood sisters Hilary and Haylie Duff are considered to be one of the most fashionable siblings in showbusiness and during a clothing line launch party for Kritik, the sisters were there and they have collaborated with their own fashion line with Lisa Kline at the Lisa Kline boutique in Hollywood.

During an interview with Hollyscoop, they told that they love fashion and getting dressed up but it takes a lot of talent to do a fashion line, most especially a high fashion one.

Hilary’s sister Haylie mentions that they wanted to leave the designing to the professionals and that it takes one person to learn the industry by going to fashion schools and focus on their talents and that it would be unfair for those people who worked so hard to finish fashion school when celebrities or artists step into the picture and it seems a bit unfair on their part.


Hilary Duff Gone Wild

We have heard about the exploits of teen icons gone dreadfully bad with the likes of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and alike, but no one ever expected that somebody as sweet and charming as the former Lizzie McGuire star would go this far as dropping a scorpion down her pants and asks a guy to place his hand inside and play a little game of “Go Fish” and get that critter out.

The “shocking” news came when YouTube released the racy and surprising video of Hilary Duff doing that thing has made mind-blowing hits from curious individuals and Duff fans worldwide as they see their idol turn into somebody more daring and alluring than they used to know. Internet outlets and sites have progressively posted the controversial clip and people are speculating that Duff is slowly turning into another Britney or Lindsay.

Such maddening publicity can have its consequences and people have to remember that it is just plain acting and nothing more. After all, Hilary is now a woman and doing such acting as controversial as her scene for the movie War, Inc. will not tarnish her wholesome image that people all over the world have grown to love.